Want to buy a Moto G, Help me decide.

Hello folks,

I'm tempted to buy a Moto G (shipping it to Middle east)

I currently use a galaxy note 2, while i love the battery life as it helps me get through 12-14 hours from 6am-8pm

with brightness at 40% and 3g on all the time, I dont like the software or the build quality plus its just too big for my pocket.

I would love to change to a budget phone and Moto G seems a decent phone. I live in Middle east and moto G isnt available here as off now, so I'll be trying to get it shipped here.

My only concern is battery life and the earphones.

how good is the battery as compared to galaxy note 2, i use bbm/whatsapp/instagram/facebook on 3g.

and how good are the earphones that come with the phone?