Share your iOS 7 quirks?

Okay, maybe I just want to rant, but I've had really a lot more problems with iOS 7 than any other version of iOS in history. Just want to know if I am the only one experiencing these issues ( I hope it is). Here are my issues:

1. Ever since the official public release, three or four times of random freeze (Apple logo suddenly pops and the device reboots).

2. FIFA 14. When I pause a match and lock the device, and unlock the device later, the app freezes for 5 seconds before I can do anything.

3. Music app. Landscape mode lags horribly.

And had around 4 or 5 times where in portrait the app gets stuck in the landscape view for a while.

4. Lag across the system. Especially multitasking. When you double tap the home button and begin swiping immediately...terrible lag.

5. Lockscreen Music Controls don't work at all. Have to reboot the device to make them work. 4~5 times already.

6. Photos app. For videos, the preview bar at the top sometimes show black screens for about three quarters of the video.

I know that one person's experience can't really be used to define the overall experience of a product, but I can't help but be disappointed... Seriously, if they couldn't fix the bugs and kinks in time they shouldn't have released it, no matter what.

How's your experience with iOS 7? Would appreciate if you care to provide some detailed bugs