How the hell does AutoAwesome work

AutoAwesome seemed like an a seriously cool new feature. However, I am really mystified on how it all works. My assumption is, when you go to the G+ app into Photos section, there is an AutoAwesome selection. Inside, you get all the autoawesome stuff, photos videos et all.

I saw 4 or 5 in that section from a looooong time ago. But pretty random stuff.

So this weekend, I go out take some pictures and I was expecting an autoawesome movie this morning? Umm no that didnt work. I know I can manually create the video from the app and I did try (which defeats part of the auto appeal), the damn circle prgress bar kept rotating for more than an hour not doing anything.

None of the pics got an autoawesomed either.

So I dont know guys, how the hell does this thing work? I mean am I missing something here?