Nexus 5 first impressions

Just got home from work and found that the beast had arrived. I've been using it for about an hour now, going to root it in a minute.

First impressions. It's super light. Maybe it's the thinness, maybe the bigger spread, but next to the N4 it feels a lot lighter, even though there should only be 9 grams difference. But then again, I have a bumper and a vinyl skin on the N4.

The screen is good, but I'm going to miss the beautiful curved edge on the N4. That thing was beautiful. The buttons are very sharp, feel solid but the power button is a bit too high for comfort.

The back and sides are absolute fingerprint magnets but I'm going to put a case on it in a few days so that is irrelevant, to me at least. The speaker is mono, and you can mute it when you hold the phone.

The camera looks OK, but I only took one picture so that's a very short time to experience anything. One nice change is that you get a haptic feedback when the autofocus thinks it's done the job. It's nice but not what I'd call useful.

Also, the transparent navbar and status bar don't work with a third party launcher.