Infinity Blade my ###, There is a lot of potential on these new Windows Tablets, Saddly, MS don't know what to do with them.

I'm more and more amazed with the new Baytrail tablets, they pack a lot of punch running x86 apps and more importantly games, but every time I see new videos and people share their gaming experience, it makes me realize just how wrong the Windows 8/RT strategy has been. Why didn't MS improve on its legacy ecosystem to adapt it to touch before starting with a fresh canvas?

I think fear, uncertainty and lack of vision for the future got Microsoft into a second Windows ME fiasco (Lots of new and innovation packed into an unpolished, unfinished product.)

I wonder why didn't Microsoft brought us touch in a more progressive and intelligent way, I wonder why there are no official virtual touch controllers overlays on Windows 8, there are tons of games, old and more importantly new that could have taken advantage of that, even have this games running on the Modern UI natively... But this whole support for ARM fiasco brought us here, MS probably never realized how fast Intel was going to evolve and become competitive in the low power devices market, so we end up with lots and lots of unrealized potential on what could have been a killer platform.

ASUS Transformer Book T100 (Baytrail) - Dirt 3 - Game Benchmark (via BrueComputing)

Asus T100 Bay Trail Gaming: Fifa 14 (via Kyle Muehl)

ASUS Transformer Book T100 (Baytrail) - Rayman Legends Demo - Gameplay (via BrueComputing)

Asus T100 Bay Trail Gaming: Bioshock (via Kyle Muehl)