Nikon introduces the Df, the company's first retro-styled full frame DSLR on Nov. 5th

According to Nikonrumors, this is how the camera will look like:





It's a 16MP full frame sensor and F-mount. It takes many design cues from the legendary FM2 (seen below), but to me it's not as pretty. Also, the body-only price will be north of $2500. Expensive enough to consider a D800!

Technically it's a DSLR and not a mirrorless camera, but that's what Nikon's best at, so I welcome that.

Here's an FM2 for comparaison. Note the retro-styled Nikon logo on the Df. As a matter of fact, the whole pentaprism looks very very similar in total!

Also, you can get an FM2 in excellent used condition for less than a 1/10 of the price of the Df on ebay.



Certainly, this camera will remain a hardcore niche product, but it's nice to see Nikon going with time (and ironically back in time) and trying something different. I was worried when I saw the ugly redesign of the Nikon V2, but now everything is back to normal I guess.

I would love to see a cheaper version of this with the APS-C sensor of the D7100, but retaining the f-mount.