Best iPad Music Creation Apps

As someone that produces music for a living, the iPad has to be one of the most exciting tools I've ever used for creating music and I'm consistently impressed at how much innovation is happening in iPad music apps right now and how many big names it's attracting in app development. For me this was the sole reason for purchasing an iPad and not an Android tablet. It's difficult to see Android ever catching up in this department for various reasons, I think Windows tablets could be very interesting in a few years, but that's another discussion. For now though, iPad reigns supreme in this department.

Anyway, what are your favourite music apps?

Here are some of mine. I predominately make electronic music so the apps I use mostly geared towards this.


For me the best iPad DAW, with Beatmaker 2 a close second. It's so well designed for touch input, is super smooth and is constantly being improved. Bit expensive but well worth it in my opinion.



This was actually the app that made me want to buy an iPad. It's the type of app that could only be created for a touch screen device. It's capable of some really amazing results and I use it all the time. Sliding your fingers over a waveform and manipulating it just feels wonderful.

Waldorf Nave


Another app that makes excellent use of touch input and is also extremely powerful and flexible. As good as any synth you can get in desktop computer. Sounds absolutely wild.



Best drum machine on iOS in my opinion. Great kits, interface and effects.



Superb app. Expensive, but christ, it's Moog and it sounds amazing.



Another desktop quality app. My go-to effects app, great for throwing different effects at something, quick and fun to use, sounds awesome...



Best drum synth on the iPad. It takes input from the iPad's microphone, so you can drum with your hands, fingers or whatever on a surface next the iPad and play it 'live' as such. Sounds pretty amazing and is quite a powerful drum synth in it's own right.

Touch OSC


Not so much for creating music but controlling my desktop DAW. I use this with Logic and it works extremely well.

A few other apps worth mentioning are Echopad, Chordion, Thumbjam and Drumjam, Sunrizer, SoundPrism Pro, DXi. There are loads more but I'll leave it at that!

Would be great to read some of your favourites and hopefully discover some new apps.