How have you managed the transition to 5" devices?

So tomorrow, my Nexus 5 will arrive, and I'm extremely excited. But it has suddenly hit me that I'll have to get used to a much larger screen than my current Xperia S.

I'll be going from a 4.3" to a 5" screen, and when I first bought my S, it was mainly because I didn't want the bigger 4.7" screens that other flagships had at the time. And even then I had to transition, as I was moving from the, retrospectively, tiny 3.4" display on the HTC Salsa. To put that into to perspective, the entire phone was only marginally longer than the S' screen, and the same width as the screen.

So here's my question, how have you managed transitioning to the new screen sizes? Have you found it easy? And what are some tips for early use?