Nexus 5 Build Quality... Disappointed! Anyone else seeing this?

I'm a huge Nexus fan and I love my Galaxy Nexus (I don't believe in a perfect device) and have been perfectly happy with it. Sadly, for the past year, I had to choose between installing Facebook app or SwiftKey on my GN. I couldn't install both at the same time as it gave me serious lag issues. Long story short, I was waiting for Nexus 5 to save the day. I was super excited to see it, but I was shocked to actually "hold" it. It feels very very cheaply made and I'm using this term ever so carefully. All edges, including the "ceramic" buttons seems very sharp, as it the whole thing was put together very quickly and never got to refining stages.

Here is an example, see the bulge in the photo where the cover slightly moves out? The back of the phone has a slight bulge as well as if trying to barge a component in the phone that didn't fit. Is anyone else seeing this on their Nexus 5 or should I try returning this hoping for a slightly better version.

Photo Link: