Im a iPhone 5s user that kinda sorta wishes I got a iPhone 5c

Ive had a iPhone 5s for a month now and i love it. I got excited when it came in the mail. Its fast, great screen, great build quality, great camera (especially the true tone flash) and the fingerprint reader. I don't care what anyone says that touch id is very innovative because its convenient. I hated using pass codes because i will forget once i had to change it. And to me its was a extra step, yes I'm lazy people. So i love the iPhone 5s.

Then last week my ma broke her iPhone 4s and i had to go to the apple store and get a iPhone 5c in Blue. because it was cheap for her and it had everything she needed. So on my ride home after getting her phone I'm in the passenger seat and Im getting a feel for it and I realize it kinda feels better in the hand then my iPhone 5s. Yes its plastic but it stills feels good in the hand and its a huge difference between good and bad plastic and the iPhone 5c proves it. Another thing is I really dig colors. You be surprise how much more money someone would shell to get a pacific color for a new car someone might be getting. I got my mama the iPhone 5c with a green case apple makes. Soon as i threw that on i was in love. I didn't care about the aluminum feel of my iPhone 5s. I am very torn now because its been 2 weeks and I want my mama's blue iPhone with that green case. But the only thing thats holding me back is the touch id and the camera on my iPhone 5s. Its driving me crazy because I kinda want to trade with my mama. But those two things are holding me back. And i noticed I've been seeing a lot of iPhone 5c while I'm out. it just proves that most people aren't spec heads, they really really love colors. When the next gen iPhone comes out, i hope that see what happening and start creating colors for the new one next year. Maybe a blue, green, or a Product red color that they do all the time.

So what do y'all think, would you sacrifice a few features for a color you like.