New House Wired for Sound - Advice on Setup?!

I'm lucky enough to be purchasing a new place, and it comes pre-wired throughout. The place is a condo, and the only areas I would really care to have some nice sound is the main living space - it's an open area floorplan so the kitchen, dining area, and living room/living area are all in one big central room. I don't need surround in the guest bedrooms, etc... There is a pre-installed wall dock for an ipod as well.

I'm also a bit of an audio/tech nerd, for regular listening I rock some Beyerdynamic DT 770's with an amp, so while I can't spend $6000 on a system, it can't be a crappy

I know that the living room is pre-wired for surroun, and there are also outlets (currently covered with a wall plate) around the rest of the house. Part of me just wants to get a Sonos and setup everything wirelessly, but with everything pre-wired and looking gorgeous, I feel like picking up a Marantz receiver or something fancy would be fun. I can't spend tons, but if anyone has any input on systems or suggestions for a good setup, I'm all ears and would appreciate it.

I guess with a multi-area receiver, you can select the TV based surround speakers only, and then if we had a party and I have 3-4 other speakers throughout, you can power them all up, right? Again, this is the Sonos argument I'm struggling with.