Does Google Play store charge restocking fees for the Nexus 5?

My Nexus 5 should be here this week. I am concerned about the slow camera after reading the Verge's review. The camera is one of the main reasons I bought this phone. I thought the OIS would really make a difference. However a slow focussing camera will not work for me.

So, I would like to try out the phone and the camera myself for a few days and make a decision. My question:

Does Google charge a restocking fee when you return a used Nexus 5? Do they charge for shipping the phone back to them?

I read this on the Google support page and I am not sure what exactly this means. Anybody have any experience returning used Nexus devices to Google?

Google will issue a refund in your Google Wallet account for the amount paid for the device, less and shipping and handling charges, within a reasonable time after Google receives the device.