Stock Android Battery Percentage in the Notification Bar.... Why not?

So I guess KitKat is still not going to give users the option to put battery percentage in the notification bar next to the battery icon where it should be.

On my N4 I had to use a third party app and eventually I got the percentage in the notification bar but it always moved around if I got other notifications and it just doesn't work well. When I got my HTC One (Sense 5.5 Android 4.3), Sense gave me the option to put the battery percentage IN THE CORRECT PLACE. TouchWiz does it, other skins do it, so why doesn't stock?

Hell, even iOS has it since i got my first generation iPod Touch in 2008. I just don't really understand why Google omits this feature. There are so many great things about stock android but the battery percentage issue is not one of them.