Kinect Glasses Ideas

These are the technologies which I think Microsoft should put into it's Fortaleza project AKA Kinect Glasses.

Click below to view Xbox's Roadmap.


The glasses' lenses itself should be similar feature-wise to the Functional Contact Lens by Microsoft Research. It should be able to detect real-world objects so it can project digital objects into the real world seamlessly. The UI should be Modern based and translucent so it doesn't interrupt the user's focus which I am planning to make a concept art of in the future.

This one is for the input. Like a mouse for a computer, this should be an accessory that can be used to interact with the UI in a way that is efficient and easy. If they could figure out how to implement this in a bracelet/watch form, it would be really awesome.

That's it, feel free to share your ideas down below! Sorry if there are grammatical errors as English is not my first language. Have a good day!