Is it fair?

Okay I've made quite a few posts about iOS 7 but rest assured this will be the last one. I just can't stand it.

This post focuses on one issue.

iOS 7 is the most unpolished version of iOS since the original iPhone OS in 2007. Do you think it's fair that Apple rushes out an unfinished product and make us wait until " the next software update" to fix the problems?

What are your thoughts on this?

I mean, it's not like iOS 6 was intolerably antiquated in terms of UI. In fact, it was perhaps the most stable and solid piece of software ever. If Apple needed more time to finish iOS 7 ( since it's choke full of UI oversights, bugs, and performance issues), they should have delayed its official launch date. If iPhone 5s/c release needed to be delayed because of iOS 7, it should have. Heck, if they needed 2 years to move from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and make it near-perfect, they should have. Because no matter how elegant or cleaner a new UI is, it NEEDS TO WORK without problems first.

It's times like these that inevitably lead people to believe, "Would this have happened if Steve was there?" Sure, Apple had lots of problems under Steve Jobs. Antennagate? Turned out to be a blow-up issue. Ping? Oh yes, a failure. But iOS 7 is Apple's most important product, by an unimaginably wide margin. And unlike the iPhone 4 or iTunes, it faces the stiffest competition in Apple's history. And you gimme this? iPad Air with "desktop-class" 64-bit chip lagging in multitasking UI and countless other places? (it's there in places where absent in iOS 6,whether you notice it or not) iPhone 5s with 64-bit chip not showing ANY noticeable increase in performance? iPhone 4 almost unusably slow in iOS 7? Where the hell is your hardware and software working together in harmony?

For many people, it may seem like a minor issue, but really, I am utterly disappointed.

Aren't you? Why and why not?