Reviews on "HP Envy Touchsmart 17.3" ?

~ Hello to the reader and hoping you're having a nice day . Today I'd like to ask to anyone who has bought this laptop(HP Envy 17.3) to share there experience with me and hopefully , not only I but others in the market looking for laptops may be motivated to buy it or not buy it .I've only 2 people so far who had no problem with it and in fact told me how its amazing . The only con they've shared was that it gets hot underneath when playing an online game which , I'm sure any laptop would do the same .

~ I'd ask that you do not bring up reviews from 1-2 years about this laptop as laptops can get updated or be replaced with something brand new and improved . So please I urge this only request to not do . So if its not much of your time , I'd love to hear your reviews on this.

~ Kevin