wtf is going on with Windows Phone?

Feels like mindshare for WP peaked around when the 920 came out last year.

Now what? It's near zero. The 1520 made barely a splash, and there are some rumors about the VZW-exclusive 929, but no mainstream, sub-5", 1080p update/replacement for the 920 or 925. So there's no exciting hardware for the entire holiday season to match the 5S and Nexus 5.

And then software... uhhh what happened to WP 8.1? It's like WP was starting to actually maybe reach feature parity with iOS and Android, and then BAM! iOS 7 and KitKat.

I want WP to succeed. I had a 920 but it was too limiting for me, but I still miss the hardware, camera, and UI a great deal. But what the hell is going on with WP right now? Does MS have a gameplan here at all? And now that they've bought Nokia... Windows Phone is just a 1st party OS. Is anyone but MS/Nokia going to make a new WP? Why would they?