How will you armor your Nexus 5?

I'm not a case guy. I'm not a screen protector guy. I don't like the heft, or the bulk or the cheap materials that form nearly all of the multicolored multitudes on the accessory shelves of Best Buy and adorning countless mall kiosks. I've gone through 2 years with an (OG) Droid and 2 with a Galaxy Nexus without once putting them in anything to armor them from the elements or my own idiocy.

However, I knew throughout those 4 care-free years that if anything went wrong I had a cheap insurance plan that assured a timely replacement and not much out of pocket. Now that I'm leaving Verizon and heading to the greener (mostly just cheaper, If I'm honest) pastures of prepaid plans with my shiny new Nexus 5 I won't have that comforting monthly charge to assuage my fears as I risk glass and plastic each day in this cruel and dangerous world of ours.

And so I come to you, my brothers and sisters of the Googleplex. Lend me your expert (or inept) opinions on this myriad of plastic bumpers and silicone sheaths. With what protections will you adorn your new Nexus 5, and (more importantly) what should I use to protect my own?

- Vin