A good alternative to HostGator? Site slow as hell since last upgrade

I know there are a lot of HostGator haters out there, but the service has served me just well until a recent server upgrade. HostGator emailed informing that they are performing a server upgrade. Since then, all my sites become inaccessible from time to time. But I was okay hoping that once the upgrade is finished, the sites will return to normal.

It's been over a week and that day hasn't come yet. While front-end of these sites are viewable (still slow), I can't log in any of them. They use WordPress, so attempting to access /wp-admin gives me a database error. I thought the db is shut down again due to upgrade process, but the front-end is live, meaning that database is okay.

A couple minutes later, the wp-admin page came up, but when I tried to access, I was facing this: An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

Now, I'm not a big publisher nor a web-developer. I just need medium resource to get some of my blogs going. That's why HostGator, regardless of its hidden limitations (like 25 concurrent processes), served me just well until now. DigitalOcean seems a better choice but the fact that it's actually a VPS and intended for developers keeps me away from it.

As an alternative, I was thinking of switching to mediatemple, but then GoDaddy bought this, and I got doubtful of its future.

So, can anyone, who is actually a publisher/blogger and hosts multiple sites receiving adequate traffic, give me a better alternative than HostGator?

(Some of the sites I host are androidkothon.com, livewithg.com, etc.)