Is the Mac Pro poorly executed?

Hi everyone!

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I'd like to know if the Mac Pro can really fit into your workflow because if you take a minute to check the device... it really doesn't work out that well...

Now I know what you may think; this guy is a Microsoft or Android lover. The answer is yes: Microsoft.

Back then I was in a full Apple mode (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.) and I loved it, right until the moment Apple didn't suit my needs since they moved to a more friendly product based for the general public.

I had high hopes for the Mac Pro, finally something built for the professionals, but unfortunately I think Apple forgot how their pro audience are actually working.

I wrote down the basics of my workflow and compared it with Apple's new offering and here's how that beautiful Mac Pro will look like once you actually make it "useful" if I may say.


There is no card reader, something that is essential for everyone in the video/photo industry. There is no HDMI/DVI ports for other monitors. Audio is stuck with a 2.1 stereo jack. SSD storage is limited so you need to add another hard drive. I use a Logitech mouse/keyboard combo so I have to take another USB port. And as much as I hate optical disks, your always stuck with a client or software that still uses one.

Therefore, by trying to make their workstation beautiful, they screwed with the only real reason to have a desktop: to have a no compromise computer with everything you might need.

I'd like to have your point of view on how this setup might work for you, because that "desktop" computer will look like if it's on life support however you might use it.

If you want my full breakdown and analysis you can find it right here:

Thanks guys!

P.S. I don't want a conversation like "HA APPLE SUCKS" or "Screw you this thing is AMAZING".