Will Surface Pro 3 be Broadwell-powered?

What is your guess? From Intel's roadmap it seems possible than ULV Broadwell will be ready for 3-4Q 2014. 14nm, fanless. Can we expect THE Surface Pro (or a tablet in general) we always wanted? Thinner, lighter, very powerful with good battery life.

If Surface Pro 3 is 10-10.5 mm thin, less than 700g and 8-9 hours of battery life, we will have TRUE tablet and TRUE PC in one device. Desktop will be there with us for few more years (with all its power user software) and I'm curious what Surface 3 should look like to have a reason to exist. I think we all can agree than 9mm thick, Tegra 5 with 2-3 gigs of RAM (still 32-bit architecture) and battery life comparable with Pro version is not enough. So what will be the advantage of Surface RT except price? Battery life? Weight? Thinness? Better screen (no desktop scaling problem if they remove the desktop)? I hope Panos will bring something BIG to differenciate these two devices.