T-Mobile Coverage

Now that T-Mobile is getting a lot of our attention and people are starting to make the switch over, I'd like to make a thread that consolidates all the coverage reports into one area. I think it'd be nice to see in one spot what kinds of connections and speeds people are getting where they live. I'll start us off....please add to the list as you see fit. I currently don't have T-Mobile, but my wife does with the Nexus 4.

  • Bay Area - HSPA+ speeds of 14-18Mbps on average
  • Wine Country (Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, and Yountville) - On average, speeds were a little slower with the slowest being 10Mbps, but we did see speeds approach 18Mbps. Parts of Yountville (far end, where French Laundry is) showed her on Edge. Outskirts of Napa showed lower speeds (between 5-10Mbps) and wherever I had a weak connection on Verizon, 3G instead of 4G, she'd be on Edge ~40% of the time. Wherever I didn't have reception, she didn't either.
  • LA, Hollywood area - great HSPA+ coverage when we were on our trip down there. easily averaged 15Mbps
  • Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Rowland Heights, Cerritos, and Long Beach areas - Didn't check speeds when we were in these areas, but everything seemed really fast for her on HSPA+. The only exception being Anaheim around Disneyland on the day of our 1/2 marathon; I'm assuming that was mostly due to so many people being in one location at the same time. Even my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon had a hard time getting a data connection.
  • Palm Springs - The drive from Long Beach to Palm Springs was pretty good for her most of the way, until we went through the mountains. But then again, I didn't have any reception either. Palm Springs itself was a little bit slower than the other areas during our trip. She probably averaged 10Mbps or so.
That's about it in terms of where we've been when she's had T-Mobile. Please add your experience so we can flesh out a good idea of how T-Mobile is now.