Apples and Androids

Watch This video that The Verge produced.

I like the videos that The Verge produces. I think they are high quality and bring up good points and my problem is not with the video.

Peoples perception, that is my problem. In that video they say Android Kit Kat is not about major updates to the OS, it is about refinement. If that is the case whey doesn't people get upset with Android and Google the same way people get upset about Apple releasing a new OS that doesn't have major changes, iOS7 aside. I feel like people get upset about Apple not "wowing" with new products when Android and the different companies making android phones are doing the same thing. The Galaxy S4 looks almost like the GS3 and the Nexus 4 looks very similar to the Nexus 5.

I don't get it, maybe I'm missing something.