Venue Pro 8 Stylus

So I was playing with mine last night, it finally came in. I have to say, it leaves me wanting more. For short notes, it does alright, for precise drawings (graphs, ect) it isn't so accurate. I wasn't expecting Wacom quality, but at least the ability to draw a straight line accurately.

There is talk going around that Dell is planning a firmware update within the next week, but nobody is sure if it is official. For Dell's sake, I hope this is the case, or I could see myself returning at least the pen, maybe the whole device.

I know a lot of you were asking how it works in GIMP, I have some bad news. GIMP doesn't recognize it as a true input device, so no pressure sensitivity. I'm hoping this will change if the firmware actually comes. If I remember correctly SP1 had a similar issue, right?

If anyone gets any official word on updates coming for the stylus, or any tips and general that might improve it, I would really appreciate it!