Google Ends Google Apps Support For IE 9

I just got this in my inbox:

Google’s test plans have been adjusted to now stop all testing and engineering work related to Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), as Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) was released on 17 October 2013. End users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services from an unsupported browser will be notified within the next few weeks through an in-product notification message or an interstitial pages with information about modern browsers and how to upgrade to them.

IE 11 was just released for Windows 8.1 and may not support Windows 7 for a few more months. IE 9 still holds a decent market share. This strategy that Google has been pushing lately is FUD. supports IE 8 and later. What is Google doing over there that is so different? Anyway another reason to move to Office 365 next year for us.

Here is some more source: