iPad Air actually uses IGZO technology

I read MacRumors a few minutes ago and I just had to post this.

Apparently, Apple has achieved putting IGZO in the iPad Air without supply constraints. This can also explain the battery life increase and the thinness (not including the more power-efficient A7, of course). I would also expect the iPad mini with Retina display would have IGZO.

Just if you haven't known, IGZO is a display technology using indium gallium zinc oxide. This makes this much more power efficient compared to regular amorphous silicon used in older iPads and other LCDs.

EDIT: Thanks to GoingDark who has mentioned that iFixit has gotten a LG panel when they did a teardown of the iPad Air. LG doesn't make IGZO panels, unless they are "keeping a little secret" from us.

DisplayMate, the one who evaluates these displays, may have made a little mistake. But we don't know right now that it is. Maybe it is an IGZO panel, maybe it is not...

I will have to admit, I did get too excited at the word "IGZO". Maybe it was too good to be true...

Now, look at the possibilities. IGZO in the MacBook Air can allow it to achieve a battery life on 15-20 hours (Estimate, of course). The Retina MacBook Pro can get battery life closer to the current MacBook Air battery life. We can't expect that to happen just yet, since larger displays are presumably harder to produce. But by Broadwell, we might get IGZO in the MacBooks. Just a prediction.

So... What do you think?