Windows 8 has inspired plenty of strange notebook designs, from the swiveling screen on the Dell XPS 12 to the flexible Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. But Microsoft’s own Surface tablet is the beacon for Microsoft’s true vision of the future of Windows 8 devices, a complete reimagining of the notebook as part traditional laptop and part tablet. As Microsoft and others tried to build these devices, they were hamstrung by poor design, and parts that couldn't find ways to be both powerful and long-lasting — but the tide is shifting.

The Vaio Tap 11 is Sony's answer to the Surface Pro 2, and potentially proof that this form factor can really work. This 11.6-inch tablet has a kickstand and an included, detachable keyboard. It’s also extremely thin, promises plenty of battery life, and comes in at just $799 for a Pentium processor and $999 for a more powerful Intel Core chip.

Microsoft keeps pushing its vision, and other manufacturers are coming around. But could Sony be one of the first to build a true hybrid, the one device for everything in your life?