How does one work in the consumer tech industry?

I'll try not to waste too much of your time, but essentially, I'm struggling at the moment to give my life direction.

I recently just acquired my Bachelor of Journalism, with my goal to be a tech journalist. However, they never really explained the reality behind acquiring jobs in the arguably dying field that is journalism. I made the foolish mistake of not truly building up a large portfolio in university, with most of my writings being irrelevant, as they were compulsory pieces on council and local matters. It seems pointless to start my own blog to post news, as there's already enough great sites such as the Verge that attend to that niche. As a recently graduated university student, money doesn't necessarily come easily, and thus, I also don't have money to purchase and review products. I feel that this only leaves me with writing opinion pieces, which aren't entirely captivating.

Logically, I feel that I should spend the next while working on articles to pitch to tech blogs, but I'm uncertain of the best way to do this.

Alternatively, I'd love to work for large companies, even adopting the questionable position of Ashton Kutcher's "Product Engineer", advising on products. However, how does one get into this industry? What jobs are available?

Obviously, when it comes to creating a phone, computer or console, there's obviously a number of times assigned to specific things, ie. design and engineering. However, there are obviously those people who are managing this, and work between these lines. From the end-user perspective, it seems as some of these individuals are "suits" (lack of a better word), or, your "ideas men."

I love consumer technology, and I want to work in an industry that I'm truly passionate about. I simply am unsure of how to go about it.

Any help would be appreciated.