Possible switch to Nexus 5, some doubts

I am currently using a Nokia Lumia 720, which turns out to be a love-hate relation. I really like the battery life, build quality, camera quality and the Nokia Camera app. But coming from an iPhone 5 (and before that an iPhone 4, Nexus one, iPhone 3g), the Lumia turns out to be annoying. Loading times can be slow, but mostly the apps are not there (Pocket, Snapseed, 500px, Facebook Messenger etc.) or the apps seem to be 2010 versions like Facebook and Flickr. Also Windows Phone 8 doesn't support SecureW2 WiFi-networks, like the one on my university.

My contract can be updated with LTE and a Nexus 5, but the camera performance, camera app and the battery life are holding me back. Will the Nexus 5 last one day with moderate use? My iPhone 5 and 4 did the job just fine.
> Wifi at home and at my work/uni, LTE with good reception
> 3 hrs screen on time, 2 hrs spotify listening
> whatsapp, camera, news and facebook
> no need for high-sync accounts or google now always on

Should i accept the upgrade to the Nexus 5, or keep the Lumia 720 with a great camera and lower costs each month? Windows Phone 8 can be wonderful for some, but when you want to work integrated with systems like Google Drive, Flickr, Pocket etc. you just can't ignore Android or IOS. The Lumia 720 camera with the Zeiss-lens is just crazy good for such a cheap 6.7mp device, and i fear that the Nexus 5 would dissapoint me. The battery life will be less than the alsmost two days of the Lumia, but i can live with that as long as the camera is good and i have my app-ecosystem back. For the Apple-fanboys; the new iPhones are just way to expensive in the Netherlands / Germany.