My own, quick Nexus 5 review (based on the Verge)

Most of the Verge's review, I agree with. A few things I differ on and also wanted to add some points that matter to me and maybe others.

Design: 8

I agree with the Verge review here. The Black model feels very light, but not cheap and actually quite solid. No creeks or movement with the device if squeezed.

Update: Why not a higher score? One thing I don't like is the screen is recessed ever so slightly below phones frame. Considering the new swipe-in gestures being implemented into most of Google's and many third party applications, there's a bit of a clash.

Display: 89

The display is beautiful. Great viewing angles etc. but I took a point off due to lack of vibrancy in color.

Update: With the brightness set very low, I couldn't really appreciate it. After increasing the setting a little and using for a while, I find the colors to be very vibrant and they really pop!

Camera: 6.5

It's much better than the Nexus 4. Much like the Verge review, if conditions are right, it can take some very beautiful shots. Focus is slow and so is taking the actual shot. The camera app in Android needs to be redone from the ground up. I think it's one of the main culprits here.

Reception/Call quality: N/A

Didn't use enough to have an opinion.

Performance: 10

Runs like a champ. You already know the internals. There isn't much you can throw at it to make it stumble. I think Google's along with OEM's should turn their focus from the spec war to software optimization. OEM's seem to have a leg up in this area at the cost (unfortunately [IMO]) of their custom skins.

Software: 8

AOSP? Fine. It's really Gapps that make this thing shine. I want to take more points off for two major things that bother me, but I'm being lenient. 1) No native app data backup STILL. 2) Hangouts: a) doesn't merge conversations with same contact through multiple protocols into one and 2) doesn't backup SMS messages into the cloud. It seems Google cares about their data and their data alone.

Battery Life: N/A

Didn't use enough to have an opinion. But initial impressions: It's not great. Not to say it's bad, just not great.

Ecosystem: 7.5

The Play Store is still maturing. It would be nice to see more quality applications from the major devs. For example: LastPass finally updated their mobile app to not be an eyesore. Functionality was fine before, but to add the love and care to the UI is much welcome. It's obvious that with most devs, Android is an afterthought to iOS. And honestly, understandably so.

Speaker/Sound: 6.5

Don't let the placement fool you. I initially thought "sweet! the speaker is placed in a much better position now." but it doesn't seem to matter entirely. Quality is fine at lower levels, but gets distorted at higher levels in addition to the higher levels not being high enough. The few calls I had, I definitely wouldn't be able to use the speaker outdoors for calls. No comment yet on the earpiece. Listening to voicemails via speaker varied greatly. Some, I thought it was coming through the earpiece. Others, barely acceptable.

Listening to audio via headphones seemed a little better on the Nexus 5. The max volume seems a bit higher than the Nexus 4. In my experience, most Android devices seem to have a lower max than the iPhone which bothers me a lot. A 3rd party app can supplement this, but shouldn't be necessary. Listening to a Jazz album I never listened to on my Nexus 4 was a bit distorted on the lows at max volume but it may have been the recording and not the device itself. Will need to use more to be sure.

Overall, audio experience with built-in hardware: Meh

Throw in your own headset: Good

Personal, overall happiness with purchase: 8

I love it. But if you're not a fiend for the latest, the Nexus 4 (assuming you're upgrading from that or something similar) will suffice another year.