Surface 2: Against all odds!

I'll keep this short. As a current Vaio Z2, Surface Pro, Nexus 7, Lumia 925 owner, I guess you can say I like gadgets. Also take my word (for the sake of discussion) when I say that I am in the 90th percentile of users on this website when it comes to being a "power user" (spanning across Windows and Linux). Last week, after thinking long and hard about 8" vs 10", Android vs Windows, x86 vs ARM, 1080p vs lower res... I walked into a MS store and bought a Surface 2. Couldn't be happier. Just do yourself a favor and form your own opinion about things. Don't rely on reviews too much. For anyone wondering, I am selling the Surface Pro. Also no, I couldn't care less for x86 (until someone can give me a 10" 1080p 10hr battery life on average not best case tablet for $450 anyway).