Anyone else tired of being pushed to join G+?

Every single time i log into youtube, I get a big notification screen that disables anything i do, and it asks me every time i log in. i have to say no evrytime, and since i say no to google+, it remembers to ask me next time i log in. I don’t like th new android contacts list picture thing simply because I don’t want to use G+. I don’t like the service, I don’t like that everyone I contact via email can check out a personal profile of me, now on the phone. I don’t want to maintain it with photos and a circle of friends and family and whatever. I don’t want to accidentally +1 things and share, I just want goddamn gmail. I know I don’t have to use any of it, but google is seriously pushing it so hard into their other services, it’s getting annoying to simply maintain inactivity. My profile is near empty, I don’t want that being presented to everyone I contact just as I wouldn’t want Facebook or Twitter or any site attaching themselves to my phone or email.