The Nexus 5 Is Not Inexpensive To Most People

To us Android fans, one of the headline features of the Nexus 5 is its price. In fact, its price is often used as an excuse for the devices shortcomings. Here is the problem with that.

Most people are not buying their devices unlocked. Most people are spending $200 on a phone, $300 at most. In fact, if an average consumer decides to buy a non carrier branded Nexus 5, its actually going to be expensive in their eyes.

My point is, to the average consumer, the price of the Nexus 5 is no real advantage. Most of them don't really care about contracts and would just rather spend $200 on a new phone instead of $350. Even you do buy it unlocked, you're still paying for the subsidies anyways in you bill on most carriers. Might as well save $150 while the carriers charge you for the subsidy.

Engadget says the Nexus 5 is "The best phone $350 can buy." By this, they are trying to say the Nexus 5 is the best bang for your buck. In reality, however, it's not any cheaper than any other smartphone in the eyes of the market, which is what really matters at the end of the day.