Brilliant Kid Tosses Android Tablet Because He's Getting an iPad (UPDATED x 2)

You gotta watch this video the whole way through.

Jimmy Kimmel first establishes that this kid is brilliant. Then he turns down a free gift of a Sony Xperia Z tablet because he is getting an iPad for Christmas. I guess smart kids just know better.

Five Year Old Genius Arden Hayes on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

UPDATE: This video was apparently such bad press for Sony that they must have requested that the video be edited to remove the last part. The video was temporarily made private and then was replaced with a version that completely edits out the part at the end where they bring out prizes for the kid and he turns down the Sony tablet. Does anybody have a copy of the original or a link to a copy of the original?

UPDATE 2: User OwThatBurns has apparently posted a link he found to the original video