Play Store Still Not All Roses

Lots of media attention regarding the vastly improved Play Store experience with the Nexus 5 over the Nexus 4 this year. Personally, I'm having a fairly negative experience. I understand that an anecdote does not constitute a pattern - but for me, things seem to be playing out exactly as they had for many in the Nexus 4 launch: Ordered 3 minutes after launch. Product was marked as "Shipped" later that evening (label generation step) --- aaand that's where we're still at today. Play Store states: "Item leaves warehouse by November 5.", Play Store support says "well it must not have left the warehouse". -- but the shipping charge would indicate otherwise. Few calls to the Play Store later --- and I have 2 escalations to managers whom I've heard back from only to tell me that they're working on more information. No material information since the 31st of October when Google quickly processed by $448 payment.

While I'll certainly live through this to tell another tale -- it's an undue amount of frustration in comparison to so many other online retailers I buy products from. I simply do not have these types of issues with other well-established retailers - but they're still endemic to the Google Play store. They dramatically behind the curve on the retail experience. Bummed about this!