N5 vs 5s camera review — my experience

5s: My grandma can take great pictures with it, in any lighting. HDR is basically instant (you can get HDR of slow-moving or not-perfectly-still subjects). Camera shutter is instant — this is by far the most important feature of a camera, when you press the button it captures the pictures, no delay, no questions asked, every time.

N5: If you want great pictures, anything but fair lighting is out of the question...unless you use HDR, in which case you'd be better off shooting yourself because it takes like 5 seconds to snap the picture. HDR pictures seemed to match the quality of non-HDR 5s pictures, though the color reproduction is more accurate and pleasant on the 5s, and as I said the HDR on the N5 is essentially useless because it takes so long to snap a picture. As for the shutter speed, it's the final straw that renders the camera functionally useless to anyone who doesn't want to put effort into getting decent pictures on the fly. I want a great picture the split second that I press the button, not a who-knows quality picture 2 seconds after I press the button.

Overall: I'm sticking with the N5 and giving the 5s to my mom. I'd kill myself before I burdened her with the trouble of having to learn how to use a phone camera just to have to struggle in attempts to grab decent photos. The 5s will land her great to fantastic shots every single time. As for me, I really hope Google fixes the camera software, because I can deal with washed out pictures, but I can't stand the shutter delay.