Switching From Android To Microsoft

I've used android for as long as I can remember. I've always had android devices, but I've kicked it into high gear this past year. I bought a Nexus 7 earlier this year, and loved it to begin with. Then I began to notice problems with it. Whenever I would boot it, it consistently would take about 5-10 seconds before the screen became responsive and unlocked. Too make it even worse, once I was able to unlock the device, all of the apps and widgets on my home screens would not be there and would take a few seconds to pop in and load. As a guy who likes a clean user experience, the stuttering and lag was definitely disgusting visually, and from an experience stand point as well. Mind you this is a Nexus tablet. Running "stock" android, which is often touted as the "smoothest" android experience.

The next device I purchased was the HTC One, created by HTC. Beautifully crafted device and a nice android skin (overlay). It was fast, snappy, and awesome at first. Now i'm beginning to notice some of the same things from my nexus 7 on this device as well. Slight stuttering here and there, and an extreme amount of lag when trying to launch the youtube app. No other app lags as much as this one does to open. I don't know what's going on with youtube but its acting up for me. The performance of this device isn't as bad as my nexus 7, but I could definitely see it getting there months from now. Even though I was bummed that my tablet (and phone) began to perform this way after a couple months, I still proceeded to use it and got used to this type of performance.

It was until I went on a limb and purchased the surface 2, that I woke up and realized that I don't have to put up with such a horrendous experience. My Surface 2 is quicker, snappier, more fluid, and more responsive than ANY android device I've ever owned. It dawned on me when I was in class, taking notes on my Nexus 7. It booted up, lagged, stuttered, and eventually was low on battery and shut down. I then proceeded to grab my Surface 2. It booted up in seconds. No lag, no waiting for the screen receptors to be active. It just works, SMOOTHLY. It was at this point that I realized that andoid's problem won't be fixed by getting extremely specced out hardware, in the case of the HTC One. Or if you get the "stock" android device that google themselves make, in the case of the nexus 7. The problem is ANDROID. It always has been, and it always will be. Ever since Android 4.1 (?) when the whole "project butter campaign started, google knew that this problem simply had to be addressed. And it certainly hasn't yet. And it has unfortunately taken too long for my allegiance.

So I dipped my foot in the Microsoft pool with my purchase of the Surface 2, and i'm ready to dive in. I'm happy to announce that I purchased a Nokia Lumia 925, and will be selling my HTC One as soon as I get my 925 up and running. So what I want to ask you guys is what apps should I be looking to get to replace the ones I used on android. I am hardly an app guy, and i'm sure i'll be fine. But I would just like some of the major ones that's popular within the windows community.

I am Novi_Homines, and I am officially a member of The Tribe.