Kitkat's GE Launcher confusion

Hello guys,i'd really want you to explain me what the hell is going on with the GE Launcher. I'll explain myself better, so Google said that GE is now exclusive to the N5 and they still don't know if they'll port it to the N4 (the device I actually own) .Well that's the first time something like this is happening to a nexus device,i.e, an update with a missing feature (that's in Apple's style ).So I'd like to know from you guys ,do you really think that google will launch kitkat on the N4 with a different launcher (the old one but integrated with the new whitish UI)? I think they won't do it,and i'm pretty sure the update that's planned for the forseeable future (this weeks) will integrate all the features included in the N5's version of kitkat ,excepts the ones that are relative to the HW.So elucidate me guys.

P.S I already downloaded the leaked version and it works like a charm on my stock non rooted N4.Already love it but i want also the transparency effect. And by the way sorry if i made some mistakes,english is not my native language.