Decent iOS & Android Games

I know most people in this forum are heavy (not weigh, I mean "hardcore" heavy) console and PC gamers, but we should talk a moment and cherish the actual decent games on iOS and Android. Let's not argue over "this game sucks!" or "in-app purchases are stupid!" Just, you know, list your favorite smartphone games.

To start this off, I'll say Electronic Arts' FIFA 14. I love this game to death right now. I'm not used to this "new touch controls" option because I'm a sucker for physical controls and those "pass" and "shoot" and "sprint" buttons are the closest thing for me.

Next: Madfinger's ShadowGun: DeadZone. Madfinger is known for making one of the world's most popular zombie-FPS games (if not one, consider it the MOST popular): Dead Trigger. I love their mobile third-person shooter ShadowGun: DeadZone. The multiplayer is amazing, how people from iOS, Android and PC can play with eachother. I hope to see it gain more players by being released on Windows Phone, and other mobile OS's (as well as consoles like Ouya & GameStick, if not there already).