Sonos and the world of Windows devices

Hi All,

I figured I would ask the tribe and see if any of you have much experience with Sonos sound systems. I just recently got a nice fancy tv and I am in the market for a decent soundbar. After going some research, I have some to like the system Sonos has available. the bar plus subwoofer are a pricey once off purchase, but I can move into 5.1 sound easily and I can add speakers at any time to other rooms, all wirelessly.

This sounds like the perfect setup to me, but then I hit a wall. For starters, I am heavily invested into the windows ecosystem, and the lack of any support officially for windows devices bothers me. I feel like my money may be wasted if I buy these speakers for the sake of them being wireless but not have the ability to control and use them the way there were designed.

Anyway, long story short, anyone around here have sonos speakers and a windows phone/8 user? how are you finding the system overall when using different third party apps? Is there a way to get Xbox Music to stream to the speakers without plugging a Bluetooth receiver into the bridge?

Any insight would be of great help, also suggestions if anyone has them for a different set I should consider.


Peter D