Perfect Device Lineup?

So just for fun, I'm polling the Tribe, Googleplex, and Apple Core what their ideal device lineup is. Here's the rules:

-No pretend devices (i.e. an HTC One w/ a 1020's camera).

-No limit to the amount of devices (i.e. you can have a dedicated gaming PC desktop and mac mini, or two phones, or whatever floats your boat), but try to keep somewhat realistic.

That's it! Here's mine:

Phone: Nokia Lumia 920 & iPhone 5s

Tablet: Surface 2 with purple Type Cover 2

Desktop: Mac Mini with a big, matte screen, this keyboard and touchpad

Console: Xbox One

Camera: Sony RX100

Misc.: Chromecast (for $35, why not?)

I actually have a 920 (love it), a Surface RT w/ touch cover, a basic PC desktop that's barely used, an Xbox 360, and Chromecast is still cool even if it's just for mirroring chrome tabs on my Ivy Bridge i5 Toshiba Satellite 14".