So glad I finally ditched Windows Phone for the iPhone.

I never thought I would ever say this, especially considering the Lumia 925, for me, was the best Windows Phone yet. I've also been seeing more and more Windows Phones on my travels - I've even seen more than one in the same place recently. With GDR3 I was even starting to think Windows Phone was finally on track - then official instagram was announced and again, the feeling that finally I would no longer want my phone to do more, or have more, would be gone.

Yet, I was still unhappy. My Lumia 925 developed a fault, much like any device can, but it was time I checked out my other options than simply getting a repair. I've been running with Windows Phone since it launched, and I've defended and promoted the platform ever since - I truly believed it was fresh, useful, innovative and worth while.

Yet, the more I looked at my friends with iPhones, the apps they had and iOS7, the more an iPhone seemed to be the perfect option.

So after selling my 925 and paying my early upgrade fee, I took out on iPhone 5S. Firstly, it's no more expensive than my Lumia 925, which cost around £500 off contract, and I was paying £34 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 4G data (1GB). Now I'm paying £47 a month (with no upfront cost, likewise, the iPhone 5S is £549 off contract - basically the iPhone isn't any more expensive than a high end Windows Phone.

After four days with an iPhone, here's why I am actually, finally, truly happy with my choice:

  • iOS 7 on the iPhone 5S is just as smooth, if not smoother than on my Lumia 925. Actually, things feel faster - skipping tracks for instance is far faster. App loading times are also much faster too.
  • Notifications that work - for all apps, and I can see them in a variety of ways.
  • The my O2 app works so well. I can see who has cost me the most, my longest calls and most expensive calls right from the app - I can view my bills and check my balance, tariff and charges. (The WP equivalent is rubbish).
  • Siri is useful, far more superior to what MS have been offering
  • Custom notifications sounds
  • Quick access to things like flashlight etc
  • Hardware key for silencing
  • I can get all of the apps everyone I know uses - and boy is that finally nice.
  • My calendar works so well, it's so integrated, I now finally use my phone for knowing where I need to be, at what time and who with.
  • Everything feels more polished, more advanced, quicker, easier and simpler.
  • Do not disturb.
  • The camera is great - very comparable to the 925, and what's better, the camera app is far superior. The photos blur a lot less, and the entire camera app is so polished, it blows anything on WP out of the water.
  • Maps are great, actually, even Nokia's offerings are there too. But the fact I can listen to music and hear where I never to walk to with my earphones in is great. I'm not sure if WP offered this feature, but I was sent a location and got there, all with my phone in my pocket. Now, if WP does offer this, it doesn't do it in near a smooth a way as iOS does - otherwise I'd have used it.
  • On device search
  • Facetime - beats Skype hands down, for a number of reasons
  • iMessage, just effortless, clean and useful. I actually thought it wasn't going to be great
  • Airdrop makes file transfers so easy.
  • The settings menu is so polished - yes on WP I could see what apps were using my data, but now I can stop apps from using mobile data altogether.
  • iOS 7 fees a lot more modern than WP 8.

My problem is that I've spent far too much money waiting for Windows Phone to improve. But why should I? Why should any of us live with gripes and complaints? I will consider returning to Windows Phone when it suits me, not continually wait for new features, apps or updates.

I now understand why everyone promotes the iPhone so much, and I feel like an idiot for having countless Windows Phones over the past three years (over 7 different models in fact), waiting for MS to get their act together.

Compared to Windows Phone, iOS 7 is in a completely different league. And I never thought I would say that.