"Oh Hey Google"

So the KitKat home screen is always listening for "Ok Google," but as it turns out there are a bunch of phrases that will signal it to start listening for your query.

Some of them are obvious because they sound almost like "Ok Google":

  • Hey Google
  • Oh hey Google
  • Oh Google
  • A Google

Oddly enough though, "E Google" and "I Google" also work. Which means the phrase "Stop listening to me Google" also causes your phone to start listening to you. And also sometimes the phrase "let me google that for you" (which actually comes in handy).

So it seems like long vowels A, I, and E preceding "Google" signal it.

Anyone got any other phrases that can be used to signal it? Is anyone distracted and/or annoyed this is even a thing? Personally I have no problem touching a button when I want my voice to be heard.