What Google really needs to do to push the Nexus in the US...

I generally applaud Google's strategy of releasing the Nexus phones at a much lower cost than competitive phones in the market. For those who put some time and effort into it, this can be a way to save money and enjoy the Nexus experience (in so far as it can be enjoyed :P).

But I really don't get why Google doesn't work on a 0% interest payment scheme. Split the cost of the Nexus over 24 months, and even if they increase the cost of the phone a bit, it still becomes much more accessible to more people. In the Play Store (and Best Buy, Radio Shack and Amazon), they can recommend various pre-paid plans like AT&Ts Go Phone plan, and T-Mobile's various plans.

I guarantee you that the cost of a phone split by 24, plus a 30-50$ monthly plan is cheaper than carrier contract plans. And there will be no commitment here (to the service), and $0 downpayment for a flagship phone.

Does anyone else wish Google would do this?