Today The Verge Tried To Kill Me

And I'm not talking about that massive fullscreen ad for a Nike calorie counting bracelet! :-)

So here I am at work, listening to Verge Mobile Show 067 while using a tablesaw. No big deal, right? We all do it all the time, listen to podcasts while operating a 12 Freedom Unit spinning blade of death. Brother Vlad is preaching about parsley, and I'm fistpumping as kale gets the kudos it rightfully deserves. Then for some unknown reason, The Verge Mobile Show starts talking about boring old technology, whats with that?


I'm adjusting the bar to cut a new piece of timber when......

I know the intro/outro rocks, but holy crap it spooked me! I'd just set the correct measurement and BAM, my inear buds start blasting that funky hippity-hop-slasher-movie-V-dub-stepped club banger stuff that makes kids shoot up with krokodil. My hand had been hovering over the power switch.....and BOOM, my concentration was blown!

The audioclip kicks in at 1hr 00m 44s during the audio podcast. It's not audible on the YouTube video.

I had instant flashbacks to Revolver Ocelot ("MY HAND!"), the Wormtongue ripoff "Wormtail" in Harry Potter and the eponymous Captain Hook from "Hook". As the lost boys said to Skrillex,"bangarang!"

It was all rather traumatising it was, I'll never take the use of my fingers for granted again.


(iPhone camera selfie, rotation unaccounted for. I thought the upside down shot looked appropriately "early 90's agressive hippity hop video". Check out Missy Elliot dressed up in some Gmail costume)

Anyone else wanna get in on a class action lawsuit against these guys? /S ;-)

UPDATE: Nilay gave mention to my harrowing tale on Vergecast 101 on which Chris appeared