My Switch from the HTC One to the Nexus 5

I recently decided to switch from the One to the Nexus 5. The One is a great phone and served its purpose but it came down to a few specific issues that made me switch:


One of the main reasons I bought the One was due to how beautiful the phone looks. This hasn't changed as I am still enamoured by its design. However, as someone who doesn't like cases (I use a phone pouch / condom), I felt like I had to baby the device too much or else I would scratch the exterior.


I liked HTC Sense much more than Touchwiz or any other skin I have tried. It is elegant and for the most part worked well. However, there were a bunch of little things that annoyed me like the rigidity of the Mail and Calendar apps (really painful to use often), the lack of ability to add third party apps to the lockscreen notifications (and Dashclock subsequently not working properly) and the lack of software buttons (I didn't think this was a big deal until I played around with my wife's Nexus 4).

I realize that these are small things but over time they began to drive me nuts.


I realize the camera on the Nexus 5 isn't top of class (the pictures quality has been good so far though) but I found the camera on the One to be inconsistent. Under the right conditions it would take the best pictures I have seen from any camera phone. However, other times, I found the pictures to be grainy or have a slight purplish tint. The inconsistency was not ideal for me as I am just looking for a camera to take a good picture under most conditions.

This isn't meant to bash the One at all as it is a great phone but wondering if any other One owners have decided to take the plunge.