Got my HTC One max, it is awesome for games, video and media.

I just got my HTC One max yesterday.

This phablet is like what the Sony PSP should have been, awesome for games, video and media. I use mine as a tablet with a prepaid SIM at this stage. I have large hands, so the size is a non issue for me to hold. The fingerprint scanner works quite well, but is definitely on the wrong side of the device when you place it on a table, so I use a pin.

If you have a HTC One or other top of the line Android phone and you want a small tablet (phablet) you definitely need to try one at a store, the display and audio are great. I played Thor yesterday, I had so much fun!

I think "The Verge" missed the point that the One max is the PSP of handheld Android devices!

I just love this phablet!

Mine is unlocked (Switzerland) and came with a hard shell included.

Also mine is perfectly assembled, nothing to complain about.

For fun, the Note3 can't touch the One max!