HP Omni 10 (FULL HD, Bay trail Z3770) now available for $399.

HP Omni 10 is now available at Microsoft online store for $399.



Windows 8.1, MS Office free,

10.1 inch FULL HD (1920x1200) display,

Intel Atom Z3770 1.46 GHz up to 2.39 GHz,

2GB RAM, 32GB memory + Micro SD,

2MP front, 8MP back cameras,

What a change an year brought. Last year they priced atom tablet with 1366x768, dock at $849.

Now you are getting full windows 8.1 tablet with Bay trail, FULL HD display, free MS Office for $399.

Most importantly Bay trail gives much better performance for the desktop usage.

I wish they release keyboard dock for this.

What do you guys think about this?