What is Microsoft answer to Airplay and Chromecast?

Microsoft has PlayTo (Wireless stream pictures, videos, audio) and Miracast Duplicating screen) support built into the operating system. But without a proper playback devices these features are useless.

Below are the major issues/hurdles with these tech's

1. There is not even one hardware device which has playto/dlna and miracast built in. Most of the devices only support Miracast. Xbox is probably the only one which can do playto/dlna. and may be some tv's have it. Xbox is expensive. Not everyone can afford it.

2. The current Miracast devices are a joke..To be fair they work...But there is a .Lot of configuration involved...Meaning setting up the device, firmware upgrades, display scaling etc etc...Some devices don't work out the box...You have download the latest firmware and then there is a complicated update process like Netgear Push2TV.....Seriously average customer will be clueless.

3. Some of the above devices have Miracast only, some have Wireless Display (Intel) only and some have both...

This tech is doomed to fail if Intel or Microsoft don't come out with a device like Chromecast or AppleTV. One of these companies have to create a simple Device which is just plug and play..can connect to wifi and update itself.

So in short One device which has playto/dlna, Miracast/WirelessDisplay and even better if they can license Airplay and chromecast.

What do you guys think?