Nexus 5 - Transition problems. Help needed.

I bought a Nexus 5 and my previous phone was Lumia 920. I'm getting my phone setup and need some help setting up my phone

RSS Reader

WP - Nextgen Reader.

iPad - Mr. Reader

Android - Tried PaperBoy and FeedMe. Both are not anywhere with features of Nextgen Reader. Paper and Flyme has no trial and I'm spoiled by WP app marketplace where almost all paid apps have a trial mode before buying it. So please recommend any apps with the below must needed features.

  • Feedly sync. Sync should be instant.
  • Feed specific mobilizer default.
  • Font, justification and back color should be configurable.
  • Should have an inline web view. Should not kick me out to an external browser.


WP - Facebook contacts sync was seamless and merging multiple profiles of a single person was simple.

Android - For some reason, I don't see the 'Contacts' option to enable sync inside Accounts -> Facebook. Just no options at all in the screen to enable/disable. My friend who has a Nexus 4 has 'Contacts' option listed under Facebook but enabling it does not sync any contacts at all for him.

As almost 99% of my friends have their phone numbers updated in Facebook, I didn't bother to get their numbers from them for the past 3 years. Now that Facebook Sync is not working on my Nexus 5, it has been the most problematic part of my transition.

Any recommendations/troubleshooting help here? I'm aware that third party apps cannot pull phone numbers out of Facebook. But is there any way the contacts sync with FB app can be fixed?


WP - ESPN Scorecenter live tiles. Updates tiles real time (not as background task) with latest scores of all my favorite teams.

Android - Any equivalent widget? Updates should be real time through push notifications and not continuous background polling which kills battery.


WP - 7Pass. Copies password easily, syncs reliably, simple design and search works instant.

Android - Currently using KeepassDroid. But it's the most terrible app currently in my phone. It's poorly designed, clunky and down right ugly . Copying a password takes multiple steps, sync is experimental and search is not instant. But it's the best rated and most downloaded app for Keepass. 4.5 stars for this poorly designed although functional app? Seriously?

Any better alternatives here?


WP - Internet Explorer, UCBrowser. I've had rendering problems in IE with some web sites but mostly works and simplest browser I've used. Most importantly, address & search bar at the bottom.

Android - Currently using Chrome and Firefox. IMO, phones have address & search bar on top of the screen is ridiculous considering that I've to move my hand position between address bar and keyboard.

Why these browsers at least don't have an option to have address bar at the bottom instead of top? And why these browsers plainly suck at scrolling even in 2013?


WP - Built in Linked Mailbox. 4 personal email accounts (GMail + Outlook) and a corporate email account all in a single mailbox with instant push enabled. Shows unread count in the tile and provided a separate view for my unread emails from all email accounts.

Android - I've GMail and Outlook apps installed separately on my phone now whereas I'd prefer to have them all in single mailbox. Any way I can see unread email count like iOS or WP for GMail & Outlook on the home screen? Work email account (Exchange Office 365) doesn't work at all the moment. The built in email client just hangs at the "Validating server details" screen.


Not that I'm only complaining. There are lot of apps in Android which are not available in WP to begin with and apps which are multitude better.

Not available : Mostly Google apps like Maps, Youtube and Hangouts etc. and Instagram, Dropbox etc .

Better in Android : Rdio, Spotify and Facebook. After struggling with Rdio and Spotify on WP, these apps on Android are a god send.

I'm genuinely looking for solutions and recommendations to address my problems here.

My experience with my Nexus 5 though made me realize how much Microsoft is doing better with out of the box experience of Windows Phones.